So you may be nervous about buying a pre-owned car for many reasons – do you know the vehicle’s history? Has it been properly maintained? Will it break down as soon as you take the keys? All of these are valid questions when purchasing a car, and we can answer them all for you right now.

When you purchase a car from PayGoCars you can be reassured that we have owned that car since it was new ourselves, and we know that car’s history. PayGoCars works alongside Wheels4Sure, who will have leased out these cars brand new to a client to help them rebuild their credit, and have now reached the end of the contract and moved on to another new car. Whilst the cars are out with those lease clients we ensure the car is serviced each year, and the MOT is done at the end of the third year.

Alongside knowing the full history of the car, we will provide six months of RAC Warranty plus 12 months complimentary breakdown cover to give you that peace of mind feeling whilst driving away. Before you even take the car, every car sold by PayGoCars will have been through a RAC Approved 82 Point Preparation Standard which, in simple terms, means that 82 different parts of the car have been checked to ensure they are working to the highest standard possible. If you were to suffer a breakdown, the RAC roadside patrols fix four out of every five cars at an average of 30 minutes per car, and their vans carry 500 plus parts to get you back on the road again.

Here at PayGoCars, we take pride in our product and will strive to go above and beyond your expectations of a pre-driven approved car when you take the keys from us. For further queries please contact info@PayGoCars.com or call on 0203 823 1020.

Warranty from the RAC

Today's modern vehicles are far more advanced than their mainly mechanical predecessors. Vehicle manufacturers are quick to incorporate new technologies into their vehicles to improve the driving experience and a quick look under the bonnet will show you that things have changed.

We are an RAC Approved Dealer so all of our vehicles come with RAC BuySure; a guarantee that every vehicle has been prepared to the RAC 82 Point Approved Vehicle Standard and come with 12 months complimentary breakdown cover and a minimum of three months Warranty from the RAC as standard.

The Warranty from the RAC covers all makes and models of vehicle and can give you the extra reassurance that you're covered in the event of something happening to your vehicle. For additional peace of mind, you can extend the term of the cover as you feel is sufficient for your needs, up to 36 months.

For more information on RAC BuySure or extending the term of your warranty please get in touch with us.